Hundreds of win/loss reviews, conducted by our team in more than 25 countries, with our customers and their clients and prospects about deals won or lost – these provide unrivalled insights in what works and what doesn’t. And why.

Geert Van der Elst


Gelst is a London-based company founded in 2003 by Geert Van der Elst, a recognised marketing expert who was convinced that there was a need to look at marketing as an exact science and to extract relevant data, to analyse it methodically and to apply lessons learned in a structured and solution-driven approach.

We are a team of experienced experts based across Europe and North America, with a wide range of industry and regional expertise who will think out of the box to help you – a new and convincing approach for new and convincing results.

We have conducted hundreds of win/loss reviews, in more than 25 countries across Europe and North America, with our clients and their clients and prospects about deals won and lost, providing unrivalled insights in what worked and what didn't, along with a proven track record of extracting lessons from this analysis before implementing effective and tailor-made strategies for Gelst clients. 

On your way to success, perception, expertise and relationships make the difference. We help clients achieve their goals by working on these three fronts: after in-depth analysis of the status and objectives, we recommend solution-oriented action plans with concrete steps plus spot-on services where you need support, to create a tangible improvement in many aspects of your business. We accompany our clients along their route to increased success in a measurable way.

Based on the experience of working with clients in Europe and North America, using the knowledge and expertise of its team, Gelst works with you and your marketing team using a client-centric marketing approach that will help you grow your business within a measurable period by cementing and maximising your success with existing clients and building new, valuable business relationships with precisely those clients you are targeting.

For more information on how we can work together, contact us at 

INFO@GELST.COM  or call us on +44 20 7096 0885